Your digital presence. Only about 15% of your network contacts know you personally. There is a bigger opportunity. With Phello, you add depth to your digital footprint so your entire network can meet the “entire” you. Portraying both your business and personal skills also helps your communications stand out and positions you for that new career, board role or other opportunity — and does it in an efficient, organized way.

Build your personal website with step-by-step support from your Phello team.

Your personal Phello website is memorable.

It is something that really stuck with my network on a personal level.

— Phil Calzadilla

Get organized. Most people have contacts scattered all over the place. Phello makes it easy to import and organize them in one location, allowing you to categorize them and start communicating more effectively. And, Phello gives you a history of your interactions with each contact (which LinkedIn cannot); that way, you can keep content relevant and follow-up timely.

Phello makes it easy to import and customize contacts.

The Phello process is a good combination of networking and additional mentoring or coaching from Kurt.

In fact, my new board role came to me because of someone I knew in my network.

- John Lombardi

Be automated. You’ve built up a big network, now what? How do you communicate with your contacts? What do you say? Phello gives you the tools and tactics you need to reach a wider audience—quickly and efficiently. Automating campaigns means your communications are targeted, relevant and consistent. What’s more, you’ll have guidance from the Phello team as to how to handle the replies you’ll receive—along with experienced advice on other technical and employment-related topics.

Phello simplifies campaign automation for more consistent network communication.

My favorite feature is the outreach templates, and the ability to communicate with my network in one fell swoop.

- Frank Mona